Email has changed the way we communicate. It increases productivity, saves cost and has become an integral part of business. However, the masses of Email messages, viruses, unsolicited Email, legislation and policy regulation has forced us to start managing electronic communication in a more comprehensive way.

Unlike many other systems, MailXServer is a complete Email management and security tool. It supervises and controls Emails, and records a complete audit trail of messages passing through the server.

MailXServer implements multiple techniques to prevent spam. Most of these techniques focus on early rejection methods to save on bandwidth.




Release Notice

MailXServer 5.1b Version Released
August, 2012

 Minor Version for V5 : 1139
Sunday, April 24, 2016

MailXServer 4.7d Version Released

Friday, April 09, 2010

 Minor Version for V4 : 1047
Wednesday, Des 06, 2012

Release History
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Version History 5.1
Minor Version V5
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Version History V4
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